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Chef Steven Stallard
: Co-Founder & Developer of Cool Gourmet Food Ingredients

Steve Stallard BLiS PUre Maple Syrup

BLiS is the result of one chef’s passion to handcraft, unique naturally sourced, gourmet food ingredients that inspire chefs and gourmets around the world.

BLiS was started with unique, Flavor-Cured Domestic Salmon Roe Caviars and has grown to include gourmet Bourbon Barrel Aged & Tahitian Vanilla Infused Maple Syrup, Blast Hot Pepper Sauce, Double Solera Sherry Vinegars, Barrel-Aged Fish Sauce, White Truffle Oil, Flavor Infused Fleur de Sel Sea Salt, Solid White Albacore Tuna & our International Spice Rubs. We are a green company, we source organic ingredients as much a possible, and we use sustainably resourced fish to make our wild roes.

Our gourmet food products have received rave reviews from some of America’s top chefs and have been featured in Saveur, Veranda, O, Food & Wine, Chocolatier, and many other online and print magazines, plus media spolights on Diary of A Foodie, Martha Stewart and Rachel Ray.

We invite you to try our our Bourbon Barrel Maple Syrup along with our other incredible food ingredients. Use them as they are traditionally intended and in any new and creative ways you can come up with.
Family Roots:
I think my interests in natural, regional and gourmet foods and products could be traced to my family’s one-half acre organic truck garden in Rochester, Michigan. The garden was managed as a pesticide-free operation and required very little irrigation during the course of the growing season. The garden’s prodigious output fed my large family as well as providing food for many needy families
in the area.

I actually started cooking when I was 8 years old; a gourmet chef in the making. I was fascinated by the whole process. When I was 9, I fed 200 people at a Presbyterian Church camp Crepes Suzette. I had five or six adults working with me. I made the batter, got them organized and even served them with homemade apple butter and strawberries.

Favorite Things & Inspirations
When I’m not working on BLiS or cooking you can usually find me fishing, foraging, hunting, cycling, or with my wife and three dogs.

I got my start as an outdoorsman at the age of eight on the Jordan River in northern Michigan. I’m an avid fly fisherman and have had the good fortune to visit some of the world’s best streams in Canada, Iceland, France, England, Scotland, Mexico, and the British Virgin Islands. I also enjoy tying flies, outdoor photography, and am a licensed Michigan river guide.


BLis Handcrafted Gourmet Natural Pure Maple Syrup
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