BLiS Easter Ham Glaze

BLiS Easter Ham Glaze

Enjoy this quick, easy and DELICIOUS Easter Ham recipe courtesy of our very own in-house Chef (and founder) Steve Stallard.



  1. Stud ham with whole cloves roughly 1-2 inch square to cover in an even pattern over ham if spiral cut leave as intact as possible and still add cloves, it will be a little more difficult to be as even but you will discard right when served.
  2. Bake covered with 1 to 2 cups of water in a roasting pan until internal temp reaches 160°f  at 325°f.
  3. Turn heat to 400°f and start glazing with BLiS ham glaze several times in about a 20 minute period should not be longer glaze put back in oven glaze again repeat until a nice shine and lacquered tacky surface is achieved present with cloves studs in then remove cloves just before slicing or plating.

BLiS Ham Glaze

  1. Add all ingredients, except butter, in a saucepan and reduce by roughly ⅓, or until the mixture gets a syrupy texture at medium heat.
  2. Add butter, then glaze ham accordingly.
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