BLiS #9 Sherry Wine Vinegar 375 ml Bottle
BLiS™ #9 Sherry Wine Vinegar $ 13.95
This reserve sherry wine vinegar ages for 1 year in the BLiS “Double Solera” aging process in small batch single barrel Kentucky bourbon casks that once housed our BLiS maple syrup. This unique aging process lends an enhanced sweetness and intense wood, orange peel, vanilla, and butterscotch flavor to our sherry wine vinegar. Ingredients Sherry Vinegar Aged in Maple Cured Single Barrel Bourbon Casks, 6% Acidity, May Contain Sulfites    Net wt:  375 ml (12.7 oz)   Recipes Confit of Rhubarb and Tart Apples
BLiS Apple Cider Vinegar Rye Barrel Aged
BLiS™ Apple Cider Vinegar - Rye Barrel Aged $ 15.95
BLiS Apple Cider Vinegar is aged in barrels that previously held Kentucky bourbon, maple syrup, and Grey Skies Distillery “Breakfast Rye Whiskey”. Expect notes of caramel apple, vanilla, charred oak, and a spicy rye earthiness. Ingredients Unfiltered apple cider vinegar, diluted with water to 5% acidity   Net Wt: 375 ml (12.7 oz)
BLiS Gourmet Gift Set including Bourbon-Maple Barrel-Aged Soy Sauce, #9 Sherry Vinegar, Blast Hot Pepper Sauce, Blast Steak Sauce, Bourbon-Barrel Aged Maple Syrup, Sample Size White Truffle Oil, Sample Size Fish Sauce
BLiS™ Gourmet Gift Set from $ 87.95
Make any chef's dream come true with the BLiS™ Gourmet Gift Set! This set offers the opportunity to explore each of our most-loved products. Thoughtfully curated by our team, each item is versatile, enhancing any meal with a dash of creativity. Let your favorite chef experience the joys of gourmet cooking today! Details Included in the Gift Set: BLiS Bourbon Barrel Maple Syrup BLiS #9 Maple Sherry Vinegar BLiS Bourbon Barrel Aged Soy Sauce BLiS Blast Hot Pepper Sauce  BLiS Blast Steak Sauce  1 Mini Bottle of White Truffle Oil 1 Mini Bottle of Fish Sauce Buttermilk Pancake Mix 1 Santa Fe Spice Rub   Add a decorative gift basket for just $9 *NOTE: All items will be bubble wrapped for shipping and placed in the basket. 
BLiS™ Ginegar Rice Wine Vinegar
BLiS™ Ginegar Rice Wine Vinegar $ 13.95
A light and unique vinegar featuring tasting notes of juniper and lemon peel with spicey coriander- peppercorn finish. Great as an addition to marinades or as a finishing sauce for wild game, duck, and sushi rice. Ingredients 90-grain rice wine vinegar infused with juniper berries, peppercorn, coriander, and lemon peel.   Net wt:  375 ml (12.7 oz)
BLiS Gourmet Extra old double solera fine Spanish sherry vinegar
BLiS™ Elixer XO Sherry Vinegar $ 69.95
  BLiS™ Elixer XO Sherry Vinegar is produced with an 8-barrel Solera system of 18-year-old maple-cured bourbon casks. This yields a sherry vinegar comparable to aged balsamic, with a flavor profile encompassing notes of butterscotch, vanilla, and tart chocolate. Ingredients Sherry Vinegar aged in Maple Cured Single Barrel Bourbon Casks    Net Wt: 100ml (3.4 oz) Recipes Sauteed Squab with Bourbon Maple Glaze Other recipes featuring BLiS XO Sherry Vinegar Elixer:  Bacon and Eggs with Crispy Fingerling Potato Pancake PB&J Canapés Fava Beans and Asparagus with Whipped Chèvre
BLiS™ Yuzu Vinegar from BLiS Gourmet. Label front.
BLiS™ Yuzu Vinegar $ 17.95
BLiS Yuzu Vinegar infuses rice vinegar with Rare Tea Cellar's hand-zested Emperor's grade yuzu peel. Expect an aromatic, citrusy, light vinegar with tart notes of grapefruit and mandarin orange. Uzu vinegar is a great addition to sushi, salads, noodle dishes, or as an ingredient in your own ponzu sauce!Please shake well before using. Ingredients Rice vinegar, hand-zested yuzu peel.    Net wt:  375 ml (12.7 oz)   Recipes Check back soon - we'll be adding recipes to each of our new signature sauces in the coming weeks!
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