Frequently Asked Questions


Shipping costs vary based on the weight, size and shipping destination of your order.


If you are purchasing our Wild Steelhead Roe, this MUST BE SHIPPED OVERNIGHT. An order including Roe will be shipped in its' entirety overnight. To avoid the overnight charges on non-perishable items, please order them separately.

We are currently offering Free Shipping on orders of $75 or more excluding our Roe.


All BLiS products other than BLiS Blast Hot Pepper Sauce, vinegars, salts, and rubs should be refrigerated after opening. 

BLiS Barrel-Aged Fish Sauce, Pure Maple Syrups, Spice Rubs and Salts are all Paleo-friendly.

Most sauces, roe and tuna products are gluten-free. Although the spice rubs are not made with flour, they are packaged in an establishment that uses flour so they cannot be classified as gluten-free. Our Bourbon Barrel Aged Soy and Hardwood Smoked Barrel Aged Soy are not gluten-free.


BLiS rubs are made with a minimal amount of salt, allowing you to salt to preference or dietary restriction.

No. Our products are made with only natural ingredients, no artificial flavors or preservatives.

No. Our products are made in a nut-free establishment.

Yes, BLiS Gourmet was the first to experiment with and master the bourbon barrel aging process for kitchen ingredients.