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BLiS Blast Hot Pepper Sauce Picked Up By The Wall Street Journal Online and Paper Edition


BliS Blast Hot Pepper Sauce

Blast is a secret blend of three premium chilies; Chipotle, Arbol and Cayenne, aged in barrels with years of unique flavor infusion. Blast peppers spend up to a year in seasoned oak barrels that not only aged the finest Kentucky Bourbon for over 20 years, our famous BLiS Maple Syrup, but also one of the world’s best Imperial Stouts. The result is a hot pepper sauce that delivers layer upon layer of unparalleled taste - chocolate, maple, hops, garlic, vanilla, wood and spice all in one giant Blast of Umami. Use liberally and often.

$6.95 375ml


BLiS Barrel Aged Fish Sauce

"The moment you pop open the bottle, you know something is going on - smells of wood, smoke, pepper from the barrels. Then you taste it ,and right up front, you get something sweet, round, but it dries out, like how wine does. It's fish sauce alright, but it tastes almost likea great country ham in liquid form. Usually, I think you need heat or lime and sugar to tame the "fishiness" of fish sauce, but here, the aging and wood really knock the top off of that, and leave you with pure, mellow pleasure."

~Francis Lam of "Gilt Taste"

BLiS Red Boat Fish Sauce
BLiS' Barrel-Aged Fish Sauce is a collaboration between BLiS and Red Boat, the finest Fish Sauce in the industry. Made with Red Bboat 40n, we have taken this premium Fish Sauce and enhanced its natural flavors through our proprietary aging process for 7 months. The end result is a Fish Sauce that imparts a subtle sweetnes and smokiness not found in other Fish Sauces. Truly an original!

Use it as a finishing sauce, a marinade, a salad dressing, or anytime you want a touch of rich barrel aged umami.

$17.95 (200 ml)


BLiS White Truffle Oil Featured in a Recipie from Sunset Magazine
May 2012

White Truffle Oil Egg Salad Sandwhich Recipe Sunset Magazine

Cooking Light Magazine BLiS Syrup


BLiS Bourbon Syrup One Of Rachle Ray's Faves'

BLiS Bourbon Syrup Rachel Ray's Fave

BLiS Bourbon Syrup Featured in Veranda Magazine

BLiS Bourbon Syrup Featured in Veranda Magazine

BLiS Featured in The Wandering Eater Gift Guide

BLiS Wandering Eater Gift Guide


BLiS Featured in The Washington Post

BLiS Bourbon Maple Syrup and BLiS #9 SHerry VInegar Washignton Post


Rachel Ray Holds a bottle of
BLiS Bourbon Maple Syrup.....
Need we say more?

Rachel Ray PRomotes BLiS Bourbon Maple Syrup

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Friday, September 22, 2011


BLiS Rolls Out New Product:
White Truffle Oil

Steve Stallard, Chef Owner of BLiS, has been working for several weeks developing his exclusive blend of white truffle oil. This is a natrual blend of Alba White Truffles and a cold pressed Grapeseed Oil. Traditionally, truffle oils are blended with a quality olive oil. The cold pressed grapesed oil is a more neutral tasting oil allowing the true essence of the white truffles to come to the forefront. Perfect for that final finishing for a variety of dishes...even macaroni and cheese...gourmet, of course!

BLiS White Truffle Oil

BLiS Achieves #2 Ranking in
Saveur Magazine Chef's 100

BLiS has been named to Saveur Magazine Chef's 100 Picks for 2010. Saveur Magazine went to top Chef's in the country and asked them to name their favorite ingredients, tools, books, tips, recipes and more. BLiS came in at #2 for our Flavor Infused Pure Maple Syrup, Solera Sherry Vinegar and
Wild Domestic Salmon Roe.

This is a huge boost for everyone at BLiS. With Saveur Magazine being the foremost food magazine in the country, this exposure only confirms what we have dedicated ourselves to accomplishing: handcrafting unique, naturally sourced, gourmet food ingredients that inspire chefs and gourmets around
the world.

Thank you to Grant Achatz from Alinea in Chicago for this nomination!

BLiS Saveur Magazine Top 100 Picks for 2010

BLiS Handcrafted Gourmet Natural Pure Maple Syrup
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