Blast™ Hot Pepper Sauce

$ 12.95

Blast™ Hot Pepper Sauce

$ 12.95

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We have aged this unique blend of hot peppers for up to a year in seasoned oak barrels that once held Kentucky bourbon, BLiS maple syrup, and Founder’s Kentucky Breakfast Stout. The result is a complex hot pepper sauce with a kick of chilis combined with hints of chocolate, maple, hops, garlic, vanilla, wood and spice in one giant blast of umami.


This is the perfect hot sauce for creating delectable buffalo hot wings, bloody mary's or enhancing any dish you use hot pepper sauce as an ingredient. 


Red Ripe Peppers, Vinegar, Spices, Garlic, Seasoning, Sugar, Salt, BLiS Barrel Aged Maple Syrup and Xanthan Gum


Net wt: 

375 ml (12.7 oz)



Grilled Rack of Baby Back Ribs

Grilled Baby Back Ribs with BLiS Blast Hot Pepper Sauce

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Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
Robert Benge
Bliss is heavenly tasty

Best sauce I have tasted in my entire sauce life

William Walls
Love It!

Have been a fan of the product since I first had it in Florida a few years ago. It is by far the best hot sauce that there is!

Linda Tomczak
hot sauce


Hot stuff is a hit!

My kids love the Blis Blast! They put it on everything! I love it too!

Scott Ashlaw
Best Hot Sauce Ever

If you love hot sauce with bold flavors, this is by far the best one on the market. I have been purchasing Blast Hot Pepper Sauce from Bliss for years and it never disappoints.

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