Soy Sauce Goes Upscale.

Humble condiment takes on airs of wine and becomes a luxury item.

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As you have read in the Wall Street Journal article, soy sauce is increasingly becoming more and more popular and in many cases a luxury item. 

However, with luxury comes a price. With upscale soy pricing out at over $20 per 4-ounce bottle vs the most popular (not necessarily the best) soy pricing out at $3 per 5-ounce bottle, quality soy has become out of most people's reach.

But there is good news.

Several years ago, BLiS partnered with Yamato Soy, one of the leading, quality producers of soy in Japan. Yamaha Soy is aged for one year in the finest Japanese tradition. 

Upon receiving the Yamato Soy, we age in our Bourbon Barrels that once aged our Maple syrup to bring you our version of bourbon maple barrel-aged soy sauce. 

With flavor profiles that compete with even the most expensive Soy's, BLiS' Bourbon Maple Barrel-Aged Soy Sauce prices out for a 375 ml bottle from $14.95 to $17.95 for our Hardwood Smoked Soy Sauce.

For a background of the Yamato Soy brand, watch the short video below. This is the basis of BLiS Barrel-Aged Soy; start with a great product then enhance it with our proprietary flavor infusion and the aging process for a truly unique flavor profile.

Add a bit of affordable luxury to your cooking with BLiS Soy Sauces.

Recipe: General Tso's Quail


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