Released in partnership with Mammoth Distilling, this high-ester rum may be the most unique rum you’ve ever tasted. Find out how to get your hands on one of these precious one-of-a-kind bottles:

Sold Out

Tropical Dunder Meets Michigan Maple

Start With Old-World Jamaican Technique

This rum came to life at Hampden Estate with the help of wild-fermentation techniques from the 18th century and a dunder that’s been alive for over 200 years, creating a high-ester rum with the floral and fruity hogo traditionally made Jamaican rums are known for. It was aged six years in the warm, tropical climate of Jamaica.

Add New-World Barrel Aging

When BLiS Gourmet’s Steve Stallard got word that some of the final remaining barrels of this reserve rum were for sale, he knew he couldn’t miss the chance to become part of its unique story. He did what he does best and found the perfect barrels to move the rum into, creating an exceptional double wood-aged rum. The barrels used for the second round of aging first held Elijah Craig 18-21 year-old bourbon, followed by BLiS Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup and finally this unique rum. With a little under a gallon of syrup held in the barrel’s wood, the second aging gently pushed an already amazing rum into something even more complex.