BLiS™ Barrel Aged Fish Sauce

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BLiS™ Barrel Aged Fish Sauce

$ 18.95

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BLiS' Barrel-Aged Fish Sauce is a collaboration between BLiS and Red Boat, the producer of -- what we believe to be -- the most exceptional Fish Sauce in the industry. Made with Red Boat 40n, we have taken this premium Fish Sauce and enhanced its natural flavors through our proprietary aging process for seven months. The result is a Fish Sauce that imparts a subtle sweetness and smokiness not found in other Fish Sauces. Truly an original!


In's taste test of 13 brands of fish sauce, they placed BLiS in "A Whole Different League."


Use it as a finishing sauce, a marinade, a salad dressing, or anytime you want a touch of rich barrel-aged umami.


Red Boat Fish Sauce:

Fresh Black Anchovy, Sea Salt


Net Wt:

200 ml (6.8 oz)


 Halibut with Brown Butter Lemon and Aged Fish Sauce

Halibut with Brown Butter, Lemon and Aged Fish Sauce
Other recipes featuring BLiS Barrel Aged Fish Sauce: 

War Pigs Whiskey

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Robert Sanecki
Sadly 1 tbs contains 1.5 GRAMS of sodium

While I am certain that it tastes very, very good…I haven’t opened my bottle because merely 1 tbs is
almost my entire daily limit for sodium…if you have heart disease, unfortunately it’s simply not an option.

Be advised.

only 200ml or less

when you receive it you'll notice the biggest indentation punt under the bottle. so be aware its only 200ml.

Robert Dye
It's the Best!!!

Fish Sauce that reminds me of my days in Viet Nam (before all Hell broke out).

Berit Ignaczak
Very very good .

You can use it for so much things ...

~ Smooth, Silky, Smoky Fish Sauce!

Yum! Loving my new found fish sauce. Since this Blis/Red Boat fish sauce is rated at the top of the list, I had to give it a try. Straight from the beautifully shaped bottle, this is the most silkiest, smoothest, smokiest and most complex tasting fish sauce I've ever come across. No other fish sauces that I own comes close to this gem. I regularly use Red Boat 40N for most of my cooking. I'm very happy with this luxury purchase and will savor it as liquid gold. I will definitely buy another bottle of this fish sauce in the future. Nice to see that Red Boat and BLiS teamed up.

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