BliS Bourbon Maple Syrup Grand Rapids Michigan

The Inspiration for Bourbon Maple Syrup was Born in Grand Rapids, Michigan

BLiS is an artisan producer of handcrafted, gourmet and all natural, bourbon barrel aged syrups, sauces, and vinegar, as well as flavor cured salmon roe and other amazing products.

From a startup company in 2004, flavor-curing wild salmon roe and sea packing mercury-free, troll-caught albacore tuna; yea, not to glamorous but very delicious, Executive Chef, Steve Stallard has built a million dollar company on the back of the BLiS brand. Steve is an expert in the culinary arts with training that extends around the world, including the Culinary Institute of America, Taillevent Restaurant of Paris, Greenbrier, Dow and The Amway Grand Plaza.

Realizing there were ingredients missing in his kitchens, Steve began to develop chef-driven, unique ingredients to finish his dishes.

The culinary and retail world began to take notice of BLiS in 2005 on the heels of the development of the first and original Bourbon Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup. As the pioneer in bourbon barrel aging, Steve has unique access to bourbon barrels that are over 20 years old, which provide an extraordinary taste experience.

Product offerings continued to build with the addition of other maple syrups (B grade and smoked bourbon), vinegar (Solara aged sherry & elixer), sauces, (fish, hot pepper and steak), all utilizing BLiS’ proprietary barrel aging and occasional smoking processes.

Used by chefs and home cooks and sold in numerous gourmet mom and pop retailers, international retailers (Williams-Sonoma - US, Canada & Australia) and large grocery retailers (Kroger & Meijer), BLiS continues to expand, innovate and surprise the culinary and retail world.

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“B.L.i.S” is an acronym for “Because Life is Short”. This has been Chef Steve's motto since he was 17 and in Burgundy, surrounded by grand crus and the finest food. Life is short - treat yourself and eat well!

When looking to enhance the flavor of food and the quality of your meals, nothing is better than BLiS syrups, vinegar, and sauces. Great for cooks of all levels, everyone loves the versatility of use and the richness and depth of flavor in each BLiS product.



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