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January BLiCher CreatureELIZABETH SCHULER - MY COMMUNAL TABLEElizabeth is an inspiring mother. She has taken to the kitchen to prepare quality meals for her family that not only save money but uses quality ingredients. With a son who has food allergies, Elizabeth has learned a variety of dishes and cooking techniques two of which we would like to share with you.

Heres a note from Elizabeth:

"I picked these recipes because they are really family friendly and casual. Food philosophy: Everyone deserves the best ingredients such as BLiS. With my son's food allergies, I definitely need to know exactly what is in his food. Cooking at home is healthy for us saves us money, and brings us and our friends together.

My son makes ganache often. He usually doubles the batch, so that we can have it on waffles, pancakes, dip fruit in it, but he usually dips oreo cookies in it. Drizzled on popcorn is also delicious. He makes it dairy free because of his allergies. We never tell anyone that it is vegan. I love that every time he eats this he has a ring of chocolate around his mouth.

Another recipe that I make often is this pork shoulder recipe. It is a great recipe that requires little effort when your guests arrive.

I serve it in the middle of the table and let everyone pull off their own pieces. Very fun and casual, but at the same time different than the usual fare. I usually serve it with sticky rice cooked in coconut milk, bibb lettuce as a taco like a holder for the rice and pork. I use BLiS Maple Syrup in the recipe and serve it with BLiS fish sauce and Blast.

I like to dip the sweet rice in a touch of fish sauce and the pork with the Blast, a few green onions, all wrapped in bibb lettuce... a perfect bite. Oh, I like Kim chi with this as well.  I love to have leftovers of this pork. Use it when making ramen, in sandwiches, Kim chi, and pork refried rice, etc."

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Oven Roasted Pork Shoulder

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My Communal Table

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