BLiS™ Elixer XO Sherry Vinegar

$ 69.95

BLiS™ Elixer XO Sherry Vinegar

$ 69.95

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BLiS™ Elixer XO Sherry Vinegar is produced with an 8-barrel Solera system of 18-year-old maple-cured bourbon casks. This yields a sherry vinegar comparable to aged balsamic, with a flavor profile encompassing notes of butterscotch, vanilla, and tart chocolate.


Sherry Vinegar aged in Maple Cured Single Barrel Bourbon Casks 


Net Wt:

100ml (3.4 oz)


Sauteed Squab with Bourbon Maple Glaze

Sauteed Squab with Bourbon Maple Glaze

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Andrew Schmieder

We love the elixer! It is so delicious and only something we bust out on special occasions! It keeps for quite a while as well. Delicious to the last drop! I too, would like to see a better stopper or top for it as the cork is very hard to get out and for resealing.


This elixer is very intriguing. I had a LOT of trouble getting it open (I had to peel the top off in pieces and it took a while), but I have no trouble with the stopper. What I need are more ideas and recipes for how to use it. I don't mind the price if you can show me how to use it. Please. Recipes and ideas wanted!

Stewart Flaherty
A treat.

This elixir is wonderful. Only a few drops changes the taste of everything.

Michael Barnes
Liquid Gold

This stuff is amazing. On our third bottle, and likely customers for life. We use everyday...albeit sparingly, given the cost. One idea for need to make either a more user friendly cork stopper, or an aftermarket stopper. Using the one included with the bottle can be frustrating.

Lacy Loar
Oh, my God!

OK, so this is very expensive for a small bottle, but it is like an elixir from some magical gourmet genie. I use it on the greens and tomatoes from my garden, and once in awhile just a touch on ahi tuna. Sometimes, I just lick a few drops from my hand...delicious and I am suddenly a gourmet genie too!

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